It’s a tough climb
out of poverty

The residents served by the Action Center (Far Rockaway’s) population, especially the children, is considerably poorer than that of both Queens and New York City as a whole. The number of children (ages 5-17) living in poverty is 151% more than Queens as a whole. Even worse, children under age 5 living in poverty is 965% more than Queens as a whole. 59% of the children are born into poor families. The Rockaways has the highest proportion of children under age 18 receiving public assistance, the lowest household median income, and the highest household poverty rate of any Queens community. A significant portion of the residents live in extreme poverty, having an annual income of less than $10,000: Household median income is 35% less than Queens as a whole–45% less for single female households. 58.10% do not have a checking and/or savings account; and, 66% do not have a credit and/or debit card and don’t have access to banks or collateral, yet they are often one emergency from homelessness and hopelessness.

Think About the Obstacles

Working as a home health attendant

Trying to support your family on minimum wage

Leaving early morning and returning home late, with no reliable childcare.
You Dream of a Far Better Life by building your own small business,
or having tuition to train for better or gainful employment.
Or simply to make ends meet enough so that you can feed your family.

But to Reach Your Goal You Need:


Lack financial training


Lack community of peer support


Lack qualified financial history


Lack account to build assets


Lack affordable financing for small business opportunities