Individual Impact

impact_panel2One of our "Rockaway Babes" long dream of owning a catering business will be one of the first to be acknowledged through "The Pathway to Pearls" program. After selling food from a catering cart in her neighborhood to supplement income from her low wage job, a micro-repayable stipend of $5,000 from The Action Center "Pathway to Pearls" program will allow her to get the proper certification, training and coded catering truck to expand her business to one of the busiest blocks in The Rockaways. She will then be able to buy food supplies and cooking materials from neighborhood vendors to grow her business. An additional $1,500 loan allows her to hire a young person to deliver her packaged meals to the elderly who cannot commute to her truck. An additional truck and a delivery will expand her business taking her from welfare, to business owner, she is a job creator and family provider.


25 peers meet weekly


50 sessions each year


670 average score within 6 months


$10,000 in additional income


$100 Deposited monthly

Community Impact

Small businesses transform communities by creating jobs and generating income.