The Action Center Hot Food Surplus Program

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Working in partnership with the Food Donation Connection, the Action Center is poised to become the largest hot-food provider for the improvised on the peninsula. The process and premise is simple; take all of the food thrown out by the airport restaurants on a daily bases and use it to feed hungry Rockaway residents…—

We, at the Action Center, understand that there is not just one cause of hunger; which means there is not just one solution. But we do believe hunger in Far Rockaway is solvable. What we have is a distribution problem and an income problem. We produce more than enough in America; in fact, we throwaway enough food from JFK airport, a scant 2 miles from our hunger lines on a daily bases to feed every man, women and child we serve. Our partnership with Food Donation Connection will provide a bridge between the restaurants that throw out the food and the Action Center who in turn will provide food to our hungry residents.