Rockaway Babes


The Action Center’s Rockaway Babes program was inspired  by the tremendous support and guidance, at the height of the Action Center’s Sandy Relief Efforts, of the Bowery Babes,  which had formed in 2005 as a mother’s circle in Manhattan.  Initially, the Action Center Rockaway Babes program was dedicated to protecting and enriching the Rockaways as a place to raise a family. However, the program has evolved into so much more. The women have become both ambassadors and advocates for the community telling the “Rockaway Story” to such notables as: Tyson Chandler, Adrian Brody, Jonathan Adler, Al Gore Jr, and many corporate heads. In addition, they have helped us form the nucleus for our Poverty Eradication program; helping us to better understand the tipping point of need. They have also formed the backbone of our volunteer programs by helping to run our food distribution program and form our work scope to help expand needed services and skills within the community including taking the lead in our Community Disaster Prep and Healthy Eating programs.

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