Poverty Eradication


In an effort to move our families beyond the grips of poverty, the Action Center has developed a repayable stipend program that takes aim at lifting a cycle of 50 families at a time out of the depths of poverty. The platform for this program was adapted from the Nobel Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus’ program which has had tremendous success in the US. It calls for establishing a strong group of women with the common goals of moving out of poverty but unique needs and pathways to get them there. Each is provided access to repayable stipends, a commitment for savings and focused training with guaranteed employment and or the beginning of self-employment efforts. Thus far, Mr. Yunus’ program has led to 21,740 women investing a total of $128.9 MM from 2008-2013 through his US based program. For the initial pilot of the program, we will tap into the strong base of mom’s from our Rockaway Babes program. Our forecast for, and our expected outcomes are that 225 average kids and their family members will produce an annual savings of approximately $10 million a year; $500 million over an average 50 year life span. In addition, the income generated over the same lifetime of the 50 moms—approximately 30 years with now grown children produces a residual effect of $32 billion.