Pathway to Pearls



Pathway to Pearls is our Holistic program for accessing the full spectrum of need family to family, individual to individual. It is our vehicle for changing irritants and challenges to gems of beauty, Pathway to Pearls case managers assist our base in understanding what is needed to move the needle toward eradicating poverty from their lives. After the assessment we then tackle their poverty on three fronts based on their unique needs. Education—through after-school programs, adult remediation, job training, teen life management and guaranteed job placement after rigorous instruction (6,000 kids and 4,000 adults served to date) Feeding–we are the largest food pantry on the peninsula, feeding 1,000 residents a day during the height of Sandy and approximately 3,000 per month at present through our OceanBay, Hammels and Cornaga locations.  Empowerment — through health services (mental, supplemental, advocacy), legal services (housing, record clearing, benefits), income support services (benefits maximizing, jobs, educational enhancement, etc.), and family and support services (66,000 residents served to date).

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