Our Philosophy

As when it was founded, the Action Center operates on the premise that all parents want the same things for their children regardless of financial status, family make-up, orientation, hue, or culture. With respect to this premise, The Action Center made the choice to view the Rockaway’s as a breeding ground for pearls. We feel that the similarities between pearls and the potential within our children and families are striking. A pearl is the only natural gemstone that can be made in a human lifetime. When sand or dirt makes its way inside the shell of the oyster, it coats it over and over again and creates a beautiful pearl. We made it our mission to help the people we serve find their pathways to becoming the pearls they were meant to be, to turn adversity into beauty, irritation into art. They illustrate, in the same way as Action Center children and families do, that even the worst and most painful invasion can become something of healing artistry and a glowing example of a mortal threat transformed into magnificence.