The Action Center Poverty Eradication Model


The Action Center Rockaway Babes, Mom’s with dreams for a better life are screened & Screened and form the first 50 mom’s group.


AC Groups take part in focused financial training covering saving, loans, and credit building. At the end of the training each woman graduates by opening a savings account..

? Who opens savings?
100% of women open free accounts

Repayable Stipend

Each woman receives between a $1500-$10,000 financial support package, to get trade school tuition, build a community business, or meet their tipping point need


Every week, groups meet at the Action Center with AC staff to make continue their education, make savings and loan payments and build peer networks.

? What is the repayment rate?

Successful Women

With the tool in hand, women can gain or get better employment, and/or build their own business.

Continued Support

With the tool in hand, women can build their own business, and or gain (better) employment