Financial Education and Training Support


With just a simple repayable stipend and no training or case management, people won’t have the knowledge to fully develop their businesses.  To off-set this the Action Center’s goal is to  provide  personalized training and consulting services that help Rockaway Residents to make sound business and financial decisions. Their training in turn will help seed the community.

The Action Center’s participants get involved in their communities as they gain the confidence and leadership skills to educate and help others living in poverty. This promotes economic growth and development. The ripple effect knows no boundaries. For each person who runs a business that generates a sustaining income, an average of at least five others receive food, clothing, shelter, and education. Eventually, the positive impact of one person can lift an entire community.

Action Center participants will have a long-term Advocate who  work to assist them towards:
• Reaching individual goals
• Obtaining or increasing income
• Saving for significant assets
• Connecting to community
• And achieving financial stability

This relationship-based approach builds trust before building assets, and is the key ingredient to The Action Center’s work within marginalized communities.  The Action Center Advocates assist participants in setting goals and sticking to them. Whether they are saving for a housing deposit, a car, school tuition, or a rainy day, they are there to keep participants accountable to reaching the savings goal of their dreams. How?

Savings Incentives are also a big plus!

Reached savings goals will receive a grant match of 10% on top of their achievements!
• The goal is that Participants save with the program over the course of two years, and all funds saved towards an emergency fund are matched at 50% (up to $1,000 in matching funds) and participants may draw on the matching contribution when the emergency occurs, meaning one emergency won’t wipe out all their hard-earned savings.  back