Sponsor Food to Feed a Family

Feeding final

The poor in developing countries are trapped and share the Action Center’s bases grim statistics.  They lack education, good nutrition, and a safe place to raise their families. They cope with harsh social, economic, and environmental hardships.

The number of children (ages 5-17) living in poverty for our service area, according to the 2000 Census, is 151% more than Queens as a whole. Even worse, children under age 5 living in poverty is 965% more than Queens as a whole. Typically the only hot meal kids get a day are the ones served through after-school. 89% of our adult base report they do not have enough food to make it to the end of the week. Our food lines 1,000 strong daily after Super Storm Sandy, remains fully 18 months later entrenched with the newly and chronically unemployed, the in-firmed, the working poor, those one-pay check from total disaster.


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