Empower a Community

Community Empowerment Photo Panel

The Action Center believes that a two-generation approach, which emphasizes the need to serve children and their parents at the same time, is critical to helping both succeed.

Our poverty eradication platform supports community development while also helping to create programs that focus on healthy development, growth and education for children, as well as services that concentrate on parenting, job skills and financial security for adults.

Our full base of 150,000 residents, includes the 17,000 residents of the Ocean Bay Houses, and 20,000 residents of the Hammel Houses, some of Americas most impoverished communities, where 65% of residents live 200% below poverty levels.

Our focused purpose is to help move as many of them as possible out of the depths of poverty and on to becoming self- sufficient starting with 50 moms and their families, one mom and one family at a time. They, in turn, seed help through a repayable-stipend program to lift the next family upward into self-sufficiency.



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