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Warrior Mom’s Part 1


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I think of my work as Aria’s Song because as mothers we all have the songs we sing to our children, to soothe them, to motivate them, to inspire Rockaway_Babes_Photothem…We have a song we take into battle to fight as warrior mom’s to protect them, take bullets for them, indeed to happily die for them.  It does not matter our family make-up, orientation, hue, culture, or financial status. As mothers we all want the same things for our children; the chance for them to reach their full potential.   Our struggles, hopes, dreams, indeed our “songs” are the same though on any given day the words might be different.


In 2012 Nearly 3,000 mom’s of different influence and affluence came to the aid of the mom’s here on the Peninsula, during our darkest days, our common bond…the love we had for our children.  18 months out, these mothers marks are still felt in our community.  They inspired the women they helped to become warriors in our community, voices and advocates for the residents we serve, to become volunteers and spokes persons, leaders and pillars of the community.  Truth to the saying…that a place was surly left better than it was found.  Not just in warm diapers, full bellies and support in an emergency situation, but in the pride and leadership, the taking up of the mantel and answering of the challenge by our Rockaway Mom’s.


This week we salute the mom’s who started it all, next week we spotlight the mom’s who have taken over the mantel.