Accountability & Savings

Accountability & Savings Action Center Participants are not Generating Criminal records A Cost Savings of More Than $6 for every $1 Invested New Criminal Records for Participants in the Action Center’s After-school programs during their enrollment in our programs are 0%. They are not and have not been arrested, suspended, or generating police records while participating in our programs. The total costs of the program were estimated at $12,356 per participant; total benefits, when adjusted for inflation and a 3-percent discount rate, were estimated at $88,433 per participant (Welsh, 2001). Action Center participants are not becoming teen moms, saving society $15,978.32 per year

  • The rate of Action Center young women who subsequently become teen mom’s within 3 years of graduating from Action Center programs is 0%,
  • The rate for students 5 years outside of Action Center programs is .05 percent. Source for Calculation: The societal costs of teenage childbearing averted by a broadly focused teenage pregnancy prevention program are estimated to be $15,978.32 per teenage mother per year.