Our Base The residents of Far Rockaway, Queens live 200% below Poverty Levels, in 3rd World Conditions— All within the backyard of one of the brightest beacons of first world promise “New York City”. The Action Center believing that every child deserves the full promise of their potential, effects change through three fronts,                                                Education, Feeding, and Anti-Poverty Empowerment Services. PANEL 4B1 (1)For Over 13 Years The Action Center’s Platform of Investing in Tomorrow, Today has led to Saving lives, Bettering futures, and Moving families in the Rockaways beyond the depths of poverty—                                                                                                                           Join Us! In Investing In Tomorrow, Today


Educational Investment in Tomorrow, Today

The Action Center’s collective programs create children who are more likely to complete high school, not be arrested, have good health and become a productive member of society.
An investment of $2,350 to keep one at-risk child in the Action Center Programs saves an annual societal cost of $37,612 per child in poverty in New York for the remainder of that child’s life time.
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Turning Food Insecurity,         into Secure Food Resources

Despite food insecurity and significant hunger for our base, tons of food surpluses continue to be thrown away.
We’re changing that. Instead of filling landfills, we’re filling hungry bellies with good nutritious hot food that would otherwise be wasted.
Join The Action Center in being a part of the solution!
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Micro-Financing Out of Poverty, One Mom at A Time

Micro-Financing Out of Poverty, One Mom at A Time
For as little as $6 dollars a day, you can move a family out of poverty and to self-sufficiency in just one year!
Leveraging our partners’ commitment to providing supplies, jobs, volunteers, & training, combined with access to micro-financing resources,
The Action Center is able to dramatically offset the cost and time typically needed to make this positive change.
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